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Song of the Deliveryman

I produced this short video to go with David Goodman's piece about the often overlooked world of New York City food deliverymen - one source describes them as "dishwashers on wheels." We spent an afternoon with Lin Dakang, his main subject, as he rushes hot meals around the Upper East Side and talks about taxis, traffic and bad tippers.


Riding Through the Winter



I'm orginally from the midwest and winter was always a bit of a drag as a kid who just wanted to ride my bike. The snow and slush meant no riding in the parks and it was usually too cold to be out in the wind anyhow. I wasn't the only one who felt this way. In Cleveland and Milwaukee and a few other cities people are building indoor mountain bike parks to stave off the winter blues.

At the same time a new kind of bike - the fat bike - made for snow, sand and mud has hit the market and opened up outdoor winter riding. In or out?


Links in the Chain

I made this video about Cesare and Josephine Bonventre, two distant cousins who recieved and gave a kidney as a part of the largest kidney chain ever undertaken. Read Kevin Sack's terrific story and explore the interactive to learn more about the people whose lives were changed by giving and getting kidneys.


Love on the Spectrum


Another video to go with one of Amy Harmon's excellent pieces on the largest wave of young adults with autims to come of age. This was shot by a freelancer, by Fred R. Conrad, one the Times photographers and by Amy, using her iPhone's video for the first time. I scripted and edited. Read her story and open up the QuickLinks - a sort of DVD extras of video and photos sprinkled thorughout the text.


Steamy Scenes of Pasta

Have you ever wondered about commercials for beer, cereal, snacks, casual dining restaurants? No? You've probably watched hours of them and those luscious shots of perfectly coiffed ice cream cones or a cyclone of pure beer didn't come easy.

I went to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit the 10,000 square foot ARF and Co. studios where they specialize in making food look positively pornographic. Side note: The camera array used in the Matrix for that wrap around a fight scene look was developed by the studio.